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FileHelpers Library  v.1.0

The FileHelpers are an easy to use .NET library written in C#. Is designed to read/write data from flat files with fixed length or delimited records (CSV). Also has support to import/export data from different data storages (Excel, Access,

Forerunner X01 Toolkit  v.1.10

ForeRunner X01 toolkit provides an easy access to Forerunner 201/301/305/305E GPS-units. There are multiple command line tools to read data from GPS into database and tools to export data in different formats like gpx and

Gaud - Database Visual Editor  v.5.1

Build around JDBC and XML, this tool allows you to maintain visual repesentations of a database's layout, edit table's data, generate code to bind objects to tables, and export data in XML format to easely export data from one database to

Info Pool  v.2.0

Manage your information by create input Data Table, Export data based on your statistical requirements automatically, Consolidation of information for the team

ITrade - Trading and Charting System  v.2.2008.01.03

Trading system written in Python including Quotes Management, Historical and live data, Import/Export data, Charting, Candlestick, Technical analysis, automated alerts, portfolio management, risk management, currency exchange, and much much more

KeePass SafeStore Plugin  v.2.08

This project is KeePass Password Safe 2.08 plugin for import and export data from/to midlet SafeStore Gold Edition. SafeStore is a rich functions, password manager application for J2ME mobile phone.more informations on SafeStore

Localizations  v.1.0.04

Localizations is a text phrases management system that allows developrs to add text resources in a databse, translators to add versions in different languages and in the end to export data to many different formats using

MyEnterprise  v.1.0

MyEnterprise is a GUI tools for world famous database engine MySQL. With this tools you could:create/drop databases and tables (also edit table structure);insert, delete, edit records;export data from server in different formats (DBF, Comma

Offroad map explorer  v.0.2

View and navigate on raster map with GPS. I want to use it in offroad expeditions. Import oziexplorer raster map. Use GDAL readable format, geotiff is preferred. Import/export data to GPX format. Using python scripts for core AI

OpenGraphane  v.1.0

Graphane is a solution to generate and deliver enterprise documents (PDF, ODT, RTF, HTML). Templates documents are designed with OpenOffice Writer. Any application being able to export data in XML format can submit these data to the Graphane

PATHOS-WEB Pathology Information System  v.

PATHOS-WEB is a complete package for use in Anatomic Pathology and Cytology LABs. SNOMED Pathology Microglossary is fully integrated enabling automatic coding. Fast and accurate search capabilities, export data or search results and digital

VGAP 4 Assistant  v.0.3.2

Eclipse Rich Client Platform application with a new graphical interface to display aggregated turn data from VGAP 4 CVS export data. It will NOT replace the VGAP4 Client application and it is just a complementary user

Xmi2Magik  v.1.0

Simple generator of MAGIK source files from xmi files. Many UML applications offer export data (class diagrams) as a XMI metadata files. Using this program you can generate MAGIK source code from UML diagrams. You can: specify package name, specify

Gorilla Grodd  v.1.0

Gorilla Grodd is a graphical editor to manage web animations such as SVG files and SWF. It makes you able to export data to different file formats, and it's fully extensible thought an easy to use plugin system.

CocoaMySQL  v.1.0

CocoaMySQL is a MySQL admin tool similar to phpMyAdmin. It is programmed in Cocoa and Objective-C (Mac OSX). CocoaMySQL allows you to edit databases, tables (fields and indexes) and rows, perform custom queries and import/export data.

Universal Database Manager  v.1.0

Universal Database Manager can be used to view, midify, delete or add database objects from a simple and intuitive interface. You can also export data. It has a nice drag-and-drop SQL editor

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